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On the sunny shores of Ibiza, your Nattaka Pants were born. 


These unisex low crotch pants are not just clothing but a statement of style and freedom. 


Your Denim Nattaka Pants are perfect for those who value quality and craftsmanship. 


Every detail, from the five functional pockets to the button closure, is carefully crafted to offer style and practicality. 


These pants adapt to your lifestyle, combining comfort and elegance, ideal for social events, festivals, and your creative daily life. 


Made with high-quality materials and an exclusive design.


By choosing the Nattaka Pants you are not just buying clothing but an experience that reflects your "Slow Life" philosophy. 


Denim Nattaka pants

  • Sarouel unisex pants. Exclusive design.


    Limited Collection: availability is subject to stock. If the product is out of stock, you can find it in another fabric.

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